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Exploratory Candidate for NY Governor Larry Sharpe Shows Gains in New Poll


Without having officially announced his candidacy, Larry Sharpe polls almost 4 times higher than the total votes he received in the 2018 election for Governor of New York.

Commissioned by Unite NY on January 22, 2002, John Zogby Strategies conducted a wide-ranging poll of New York State voters’ outlooks on the current political climate of their state, as reported in Forbes Magazine. Larry Sharpe has not officially announced his candidacy. Despite this fact, he garnered 6% sentiment from New Yorkers who indicated they intend to vote for him during this election cycle, in a three-way race against Governor Kathy Hochul, and Congressman Lee Zeldin. This is almost 4 times the percentage of votes Larry Sharpe received in 2018, which could mean over 350,000 votes if the election were held today.

With Cuomo dismissed from his long-held seat, 49% of voters indicated they believe NYS politics are off track. Cuomo’s Lieutenant Governor, Kathy Hochul was appointed Governor by default after Cuomo resigned due to allegations of inappropriate conduct. 28% of voters are so disillusioned with the 2-party system in New York that they deem it as broken, according to the poll results. This is further indicated by 17% of New York voters changing their voter registration from a major party to either independent or third party in the past few years, according to John Zogby Strategies.

In his Forbes Magazine article, John Zogby said, “despite one-party dominance and record spending on social programs, many New Yorkers have or are considering voting with their feet.” One in three voters state they have considered or are making plans to leave the state due to New York politics, stifling mandates and regulations, and high taxes.

Unite NY is an organization intended to bring all political ideologies together to seek common-sense, non-partisan solutions to fixing government, the economy, and democracy.

Larry Sharpe is a native New Yorker, Marine Corps veteran, husband, and father. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive coach and political activist. His experience includes management and strategic consulting for teams and executives in government, finance, law, technology, media, and healthcare. Larry has taught at Yale and Columbia and has been active in grassroots campaigning since 2018.

To learn more about Larry Sharpe and his proposed solutions for New York State, visit his website at https://larrysharpe.com.

Press Contact: Resa Willis / Dennis Consorte
Phone: 201-222-1001
Email: info@larrysharpe.com


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