Larry Sharpe announcement on Kennedy Nation

Larry Sharpe Announces Unprecedented Left, Right & Libertarian Coalition for NY Governor

February 17, 2022, New York, NY: Larry Sharpe garners support from three political organizations seeking ballot access in New York in 2022, including the Libertarian Party of New York, the Forward Party, and Unite NY.

While appearing on Kennedy Nation, Libertarian Larry Sharpe officially announced his second run for Governor of New York. In an unprecedented move, he revealed that he anticipates the backing of three political groups: The Libertarian Party of New York, Andrew Yang’s Forward Party which includes many of his left-leaning supporters, and Unite NY which includes many former Republicans.

Larry Sharpe announces 3-way coalition for his candidacy for Governor of New York

A recent Zogby poll showed that compared to a two-way race between Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin, the addition of Larry Sharpe in a three-way race resulted in 4 points pulled from the Republican, 1 point pulled from the Democrat, and 1 point pulled from undecided voters.

“The recent Zogby poll made clear that people are dissatisfied with politics in our state and are seeking alternatives. Providing more choices in New York will be best achieved by coalitions instead of contentious partisanship.”

Larry Sharpe

With two additional lines, Sharpe intends to take a rarely-seen approach to campaigning by modeling cross-party cooperation. It is with this strategy that Sharpe expects to reach voters of all persuasions. Sharpe is leading with his “BRO” platform for: Ballot Access, Ranked Choice Voting, and Open Primaries. His platform also includes his “SUS” program, or Step-Up Stipend inspired by the concept of a negative income tax.

He previously earned automatic ballot access for the Libertarian Party when he attained almost 100,000 votes in the 2018 election. This was subsequently revoked as a line item in Governor Cuomo’s 2020 budget. Expecting that Kathy Hochul would continue Cuomo’s legacy, Sharpe garnered the support of Unite NY and the Forward Party to compete with the major political parties for voters in New York State.

Unite NY is an organization intended to bring all political ideologies together to seek common-sense, non-partisan solutions to fixing government, the economy, and democracy.

Andrew Yang’s Forward Party uses a human-centered approach that is “Not Left, Not Right. Forward.”

Larry Sharpe is a native New Yorker, Marine Corps veteran, husband, and father. He is a seasoned businessman, executive coach, management consultant, and a strategic consultant for thought leaders in government, finance, law, technology, media, and healthcare. Larry has taught at Yale and Columbia and has been active in grassroots campaigning since 2018.


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2 thoughts on “Larry Sharpe Announces Unprecedented Left, Right & Libertarian Coalition for NY Governor

  1. is larry going to do what he says, or is he doing like the dems making promises with no intention of keeping them, can he promise to do away with the safe act and needing ffl to get ammo . is he going to correct coumos law against suppressors. if so he got my vote, promises , promises ,

    • The policy team is continually improving Larry’s plan. You can read the 2A policy at the bottom of the homepage of the website right now, and we’ll work on more over time.

      Here’s a short excerpt of what Larry’s policy team created thusfar:

      These three actions will make the Safe Act essentially obsolete:

      1) The risk of turning good people into hardened criminals just because of a Safe Act violation is a serious problem.
      2) Law enforcement officers and prosecutors will make enforcement and prosecution of the safe act its absolute lowest priority.
      3) Any attempts to fund or support the Safe act through further legislative measures will be vetoed.


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