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The Texas Power Outage: Here’s Why New York May Be Next, Thanks to Cuomo

New York State is vulnerable in several key areas and the Cuomo Administration is undermining efforts to solve the problem.

New York, New York, February 22, 2021: In the wake of the Texas Winter Storm disaster, many are asking, “Is New York next?”

“Texas is a warning for New York. Let’s heed it and change before it’s too late.”

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor and host of The Sharpe Way, calls on Andrew Cuomo and his administration to take accountability for the New York Power grid. If the state doesn’t act soon, New York could face a disaster bigger than the deadly Northeast Blackout of 2003 that cost 11 lives and $6 billion while 50 million people were without power for two days. In the wake of the Nursing Home Scandal, Larry Sharpe questions Governor Cuomo’s commitment to the people of the city and state of New York.

Power grid.
“Power Grid” by brewbooks is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

“Currently, New York lacks accountability, just like Texas. Swap ERCOT for NYISO and you have the same recipe for imminent catastrophic failure.”

Larry Sharpe

Under Governor Cuomo, serious harm has been done to electricity infrastructure for New England and the state of New York.

New York is vulnerable in several key areas:

  • No plan for increased demand
    This is the most impactful issue in New York. As demand increases, supply must also increase or people will suffer and lives will be put at risk.
    Governor Cuomo has actively thwarted plans to increase the natural gas supply for New York. He has banned new pipelines and hydraulic fracking. FERC has projected rolling blackouts to start during winter months as early as 2024 due to increased demand. This is an unacceptable failure of the Cuomo administration.
  • Immobility of power
    When the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant shuts down, the lack of a replacement will make New York City especially vulnerable, despite being integrated into the larger Eastern power grid.
  • Natural Gas Freeze-offs
    During cold weather, gas wells can freeze and go offline. New York is dependent on Pennsylvanian wells which are susceptible to freeze off.
  • Renewables go offline during cold weather
    Windmills can freeze and solar farms don’t work when covered by snow.

“New York needs more entry point substations to bring in energy from Pennsylvania, New England and Canada and sponsor them to remove taxpayer burden.  In addition, New York must be open to Gen IV Nuclear energy in North County. We should be exporting, not importing energy!”

Larry Sharpe

Texas is recovering from their worst and largest power failure in history. Their grid was vulnerable because of neglect and a lack of accountability. New York has many of the same problems. Not only is nothing being done, the current administration is undermining efforts to take proactive action and putting lives at risk.

Image of roads and buildings covered with snow.
Texas is Recovering From Their Worst And Largest Power Failure in History (Image Source: Creative Commons)

We need more transparency and accountability at the highest level in order to avoid a repeat of a preventable power disaster.


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