2018 Libertarian Candidate for NY Governor, Larry Sharpe, Holds Public Events in All of NY’s 62 Counties Again, After 2018 Election

Larry Sharpe has completed a second #FullSharpe, at least one live, public event in every one of NY’s 62 counties in October 20, 2019
Larry Sharpe speaks to supporters at one of his 100 events around NYS in 2019. This event was in Baldwinsville, NY on August 11, 2019

NEW YORK, New York, October 28, 2019 – 2018 N.Y. Gubernatorial candidate, Larry Sharpe, has completed his second #FullSharpe on the anniversary of his first #FullSharpe. A #FullSharpe is an in-person public event in each of New York’s 62 counties.  In 2018, Sharpe held over 300 live, in-person campaign events, completing his first #FullSharpe on October 20, 2018.  The 2018 election resulted in the Libertarian Party gaining ballot access.

One year later, on October 20, 2019, Sharpe completed his 100th event, post-election and second #FullSharpe. Since gaining ballot access for the Libertarian Party, Sharpe has been highly active in continuing the momentum and supporting the Libertarian Party. This year, over 50 enrolled Libertarians are running for offices across New York State, and 28 counties have held their conventions to form their Interim County Organizations. Throughout this past year, Sharpe has attended 14 of the 28 inaugural Libertarian Party ICO conventions, numerous Libertarian candidate events, and 21 Libertarian Party county meetings. Sharpe reaches additional audiences through his LiDDC (Libertarians in Diners, Drinking Coffee) live stream video interviews and his “The Sharpe Way” live call-in studio show, also live-streamed.

 “People ask me all the time why I would bother to keep traveling across the state, talking to voters when I’m no longer running for office,” said Sharpe, a Marine Corps veteran and New York native. “It’s because it matters. I believe in New York State and in New Yorkers. I’ve talked to thousands of voters and small business owners – they feel the direct effects of the policies that Albany has put in place, and that have resulted in New York State consistently being ranked as the least free state in the United States. New Yorkers know that our education results that are average or below compared to the other states, and that we spend the most money per student of any state. They know how hard it is to start and to grow a small business. They feel the direct impact of every crushing new tax…and if they can afford it, they are leaving New York at the highest rate of any state. When I talk to New Yorkers, we talk about solutions. We talk about innovative ways to achieve the things we want without any new taxpayer money. We talk about innovative solutions to education, to farming, to criminal justice reform, to family court reform, to saving main street.  Most of all, we talk about pursuing happiness…something too many people have forgotten about the foundation of our county…and it’s what matters most when it comes right down to each of us living our best lives. I am motivated by the excitement building across New York State. I am motivated by the people of New York regaining hope that they can stay in our state and get back to pursuing happiness.”

“The momentum that Larry Sharpe started in New York State is stunning,” said Kari Bittner, campaign manager for Larry Sharpe. “During the campaign, Larry inspired voters from all parties to set aside their party differences and work together to promote innovative, practical solutions to issues facing New Yorkers in their everyday lives. Most former candidates disappear after running for office. In fact, I’ve never heard of a former candidate caring enough to continue campaign-level time and energy to hold so many discussions with voters long after a campaign has ended. The Libertarian Party has over 50 enrolled Libertarians running for office in 2019. 28 of NY’s 62 counties have already formed their interim committees this year. We’ve had a 35+% jump in enrolled Libertarians just since the last published numbers on February 1, 2019.  We’ve had a sitting Democrat Councilwoman and sitting Republican Councilman change their parties to Libertarian, along with several other officials from the Republican and Democratic parties across New York State. We had our first Libertarian elected in New York City earlier this year. This momentum in New York was started by Larry Sharpe and has grown because of his continued efforts. The rest of the country is watching New York.”

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