Homelessness & Mental Health in NYC

Homelessness and mental illness are plaguing our city. To deal with such an overwhelming problem, stepping outside the box is necessary by stepping inside.—Larry Sharpe

The “Caring Caboose”

Many homeless individuals are reluctant to go to shelters for help. The “Caring Caboose” is about helping people where they are at, while improving conditions and safety for everyday New Yorkers.

Rather than the very difficult task of persuading homeless and mentally ill people to go to shelters, this will allow for every other subway train to have the last car designated as a sponsored “safe helping space” for homeless people facing issues with addiction and mental illness.

Not all homeless people fall into these categories, but many of those who do, often migrate to the MTA and end up in trouble.

These cars will have security (not cops, because many homeless fear the police) as well as mental health support available from social workers.

Now, instead of pushing homeless people back into the streets, arresting them or proliferating a system where some of them are likely to harass or harm commuters, they can be encouraged to go to the caring caboose. This program will require no new taxes or fees.

Each “Caring Caboose” can be sponsored by health care companies, insurance companies, even Big Pharma or any company trying to rebuild its image -or even as a way to pay lawsuit damages.

It may even provide an opportunity for volunteers, and students in the medical or social worker fields to gain real world experience before entering the workforce.

This is NOT an all-encompassing plan to solve everything. It’s just one part that makes things better without raising the cost of living for everyday New Yorkers. By ensuring the safety of all New Yorkers, we can create more opportunity for everyone. The Caring Caboose addresses an urgent need in our city without adding a financial burden to New Yorkers.