Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform: Private Prisons in New York

Prisons are supposed to be “correctional facilities,” but a majority of individuals who are imprisoned, even for minor crimes, are unable to successfully rejoin society after incarceration, and they end up back in the system. Are private prisons really doing their job to rehabilitate offenders, or are they set up to cycle prisoners back through their doors and profit off the suffering of New Yorkers?

This is especially unfair to individuals suffering from drug addiction. Larry believes there is a better way. Private prisons should not be compensated according to the number of prisoners they house; instead, these facilities should only be paid when prisoners are rehabilitated, released, and able to rejoin society in a meaningful way. In addition, treat drug-use as a medical issue, not as a crime. Let’s stop considering our fellow New Yorkers as a commodity of the private prison system and instead get them real help.