11 thoughts on “(English) Silencers: Your Right to Own One

  1. Sounds like a plan to me. The SAFE Act will be gone by 2020 and we can finally own suppressors or what Hollywood has termed “silencers.” It would actually be nice to go hunting without hearing protection! With less recoil your aim will be much more effective – less ammo wasted. Ammo is expensive these days – imagine the savings there!

  2. As someone who lives in VB right down the road from where 12 people were killed with 2 weapons with supppressors( 9 of which shot in the back of the head) suppressors are unneccessary. If the reason you want a suppressor is because its too loud or too hard to steady your aim, you should rethink gun ownership. I own weapons, and have shot them most of my life. I have respect for firearms and the damage that can be caused but the fact that someone can buy one out of a shop for 200$ is disgusting. But as the author stated it’s your right to arm your weapon with a suppressor, because why not. Not like it quiets your weapon so others in a place where a gun normally shouldn’t be discharged, don’t realize what they are hearing. New York is on the right track.

  3. I want one in case my house gets broken into in the middle of the night. And if I shoot the intruder(s) I will still be able to see in the dark (No muzzle flash.) and hear where they are in the house afterwards. (Gun quieter and you don’t have time to put on hearing protection and if you do, way harder to hear where they are.)

    • I am all about gun rights for law abiding citizens,I feel a law abiding citizen should be free to be armed with with any light weapon ( handguns,rifles,shotguns,) available to police ,indeed it should be the required duty of every healthy,law abiding citizen to maintain and be proficient with the present ,modern military weapon in use by the nations Armed forces ,so as to be a stand by reserve militia force in times of national need and to serve as a warning to all enemy’s within and without of our country’s borders that we intend to be free and strong and stay that way
      Competitions and proficiency exams ,would ensure capable safe handling and training by all citizens ,and would foster closer comeradery between citizens and law enforcement personnel,and our service branches also.Uniformed military and police no longer appear as those in charge of the people(jack booted thugs) and the people no more appearing as untrained ,incapable obstacles to law enforcement or community security,indeed the bad guys from without would be met by a wall of well trained security,the ones within would be surrounded at all times by watchful warriors ready to protect any threatened persons..even those opposed to weapons use could be found a support job .in short we would work as a whole cohesive unit,even Democrats would have to do thier share!

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