We Want You To Be Part Of Larry’s Legion

This is how a grassroots campaign can win

You know I’ve always been straightforward when it comes to fundraising. Without donations, our campaign can’t get our message out, and our campaign can’t win. If you agree it’s time to empower New Yorkers to pursue happiness on their own terms, then I need your support.

“But Larry,” you may ask. “Will my donation really matter that much?”

The answer is yes. And now, we have an easy way to make your donations to the campaign go one step further: Larry’s Legion.

Larry’s Legion is a group of dedicated supporters like you who’ll commit to donating $50, $25, $18, or $10 every month until the election.

Our goal is to get 1000 people to join Larry’s Legion. If everyone in Larry’s Legion gives an average of $18, that’s $18,000 in steady support each month! This is how you can be part of a winning grassroots campaign.

But it’ll only work if everyone does their part. Will you join Larry’s Legion by pledging $50, $25, $18, or $10 a month?

I’m counting on you.

Thanks in advance for your support

-Larry Sharpe
Candidate for Governor, NY

Joining Larry’s Legion is easy

All you have to do is sign up to give an automatic monthly donation to the Larry Sharpe campaign between now and November 2018. That’s it! Once you sign up, you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll be helping power to Larry Sharpe’s grassroots campaign for governor and changing empire state politics forever. By joining Larry’s Legion, you’ll be giving King Cuomo a wakeup call.

How can $18 for ‘18 make a difference?

We encourage you to give whatever amount you’re comfortable with, but we need an average of $18 per month from Larry’s Legion to make this a winning campaign. To put things in perspective, $18 per month is less than:

  • Two coffees per week
  • One sandwich per week
  • One beer per week

And this is what will be made possible with your support:

  • Produce high quality videos to educate and inform NY voters
  • Ensure Larry can travel to every part of New York state to speak with voters directly
  • Provide volunteers with resources they need to contact and persuade hundreds of thousands of citizens to vote for Larry Sharpe

Most importantly, your monthly donation empowers New Yorkers to pursue happiness on their own terms.

Your gift for becoming part of Larry’s Legion

We deeply appreciate all of our supporters and we want you to know it! If you join Larry’s Legion, here is some of the cool stuff you can get:

  • Legion insiders email
  • Larry’s Legion Bumper Sticker*
  • Legion insiders email
  • Shirt from the Swag Shop
  • Larry’s Legion Bumper Sticker*
  • Legion insiders email
  • Exclusive tickets to Sharpe campaign events
  • Shirt from the Swag Shop
  • Larry’s Legion Bumper Sticker*
  • Legion insiders email

*Limited supply. First 1,000 people only.