Stand Up NY Shutdown Lawsuit vs. Cuomo is No Laughing Matter

Stand Up NY Venue

James Mermigis, the ‘Anti-Shutdown Lawyer’ files suit on behalf of Stand Up NY Comedy Club to operate under the same guidelines as restaurants and bars. Comedy club owner Dani Zoldan filed suit against the Cuomo Administration for unfair treatment. With help from Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor and host of The […]

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 Zero Cost Reparations Plan Proposed by Black Libertarian, Larry Sharpe has Mass Appeal

A happy looking multi generation african american family

Cash reparations can be harmful. This 4-point plan for Black ownership can amend past injustices according to 2018 candidate for NY Governor, Larry Sharpe. Reparations for slavery were promised at the end of the Civil War. Had they been granted, the Black community would be much stronger today. Instead of reparations, they were targeted by […]

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 The Texas Power Outage: Here’s Why New York May Be Next, Thanks to Cuomo

New York Power Grid

New York State is vulnerable in several key areas and the Cuomo Administration is undermining efforts to solve the problem. New York, New York, February 22, 2021: In the wake of the Texas Winter Storm disaster, many are asking, “Is New York next?” “Texas is a warning for New York. Let’s heed it and change […]

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 Texas Power Outage Disaster: It Was Not the Markets or Green Energy. It Was a Lack of Accountability—Larry Sharpe

Watching papa pre-emptively shoveling snow (a few hours later it looks the same again, but we want to keep it clear in anticipation of freezing rain)

“Cold Weather Grid Collapse Leaves more than 4 Million Without Power Across Multiple States,” says Larry Sharpe, 2018 NY Gubernatorial Candidate, with a proposed solution. Texas has an accountability problem. The technology and capacity for solutions exist, so why is the infrastructure inadequate? Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor and host of […]

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 Why Does ERCOT’s Mess in Texas Mean That New York is Next?

Everyone is aware of the massive blackout and rolling outages in Texas due to the massive polar vortex that happened over President’s Day weekend. What isn’t being discussed is how vulnerable New York and New England are to having the same exact thing happen to them. I will begin with a simple discussion of why […]

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 2018 Libertarian Candidate for NY Governor, Larry Sharpe, Holds Public Events in All of NY’s 62 Counties Again, After 2018 Election

NEW YORK, New York, October 28, 2019 – 2018 N.Y. Gubernatorial candidate, Larry Sharpe, has completed his second #FullSharpe on the anniversary of his first #FullSharpe. A #FullSharpe is an in-person public event in each of New York’s 62 counties.  In 2018, Sharpe held over 300 live, in-person campaign events, completing his first #FullSharpe on […]

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 Fractured Communities and the Path to Happiness

In my recent interview for PolitiPeeps, I sat with Larry Sharpe to discuss happiness. With changing times, each new generation faces challenges that align with the culture, technology, and other characteristics of the period. He says change is a constant, but this time around the changes are profoundly different. Social media has fractured every aspect […]

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 How to Decrease Poverty in America

The minimum wage was initiated to challenge poverty. Yet, even at $15 per hour, is it more than just a temporary fix? I sat with Larry Sharpe to learn more about his method for decreasing poverty in America: ownership. Small Business Ownership Larry said that there is a systemic lack of ownership that’s noticeable in […]

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