One thought on “(English) The War On Drugs

  1. Dear Mr. Sharpe,

    I just heard some of the Shannon Love Show & I had to look you up online. I am a registered Republican only so I can vote in the primaries. I almost voted for the Libertarian who was running for president until he was asked who was his favorite world leader & he couldn’t name one. They then asked can you name any world leader & he said he couldn’t think of one. I was NO WAY going to vote for Hilliary so I looked at Trump as a businessman & thought maybe someone who has never really been in politics is a person I could vote for & I did. He isn’t perfect but we are a lot better off than having another Clinton in the White House.
    So you want to decriminalize drug users, are you going to make marijuana legal for recreational use? I’m over 60 & am currently on medical marijuana & it helps but it’s too expensive! I live on a VERY tight fixed income & I can’t afford to buy it as much as I need it. It also only has 5mg THC in the 7ml 20-1 bottle & that’s nothing compared to what is sold on the streets. If I knew someone that I trusted that sold the real stuff I’d buy it in a heartbeat! But being over 60 I don’t. I did in the 70s & did partake but always went back to alcohol because it was legal & I didn’t want to get busted. Alcohol is one dangerous drug & that’s legal! A supposed drunk driver killed both of my parents when I was a senior in high school. He testified in court that he was drinking & parting but only got a ticket for failure to keep right. When he finally did hit us head on we were in a field. Marijuana was only outlawed because of William Randolph Hearst & Mr. Du Pont. Hearst was a bigot & owned acres of trees for paper & he knew that 1 acre of hemp could make as much paper as 10 acres of trees. Henry Ford created a car completely out of hemp & was fueled on hemp oil but Mr. DuPont created plastic out of oil. Fords car was stronger than steel but people with BIG money can do anything & make politicians make both illegal, making statements & small films that said weed would make you crazy especially if you were Mexican or African American. Of course, people are sheeple & believe everything they hear & that’s sad. I ran into an old friend at a car shop & she was going through chemo & was smoking weed cuz the pills they tried to give her she just couldn’t keep down. She gained back the weight she lost & was feeling so much better. A man overheard our conversation & said when he was a teen he grew it & sold it & learned that if you use the same kind of weed that your body got use to it & so he started growing different types but he said that was in his past & he couldn’t go back to his old lifestyle. He’s right using medical marijuana from the same dispensary you are getting the same type each time & they also GMOed it!
    Now on the topic of school debt. My son went to school in NY & he owes over $70,000 in college loan debt! He lives in Pittsburgh & I told him & his sister not to move back to NY because we are in a state of depression! My daughter lives in Texas as a travel COTA & loves her job. She had someone looking for her for a job up here & he told her what her wages would be & she laughed but he was serious. She said I could make more at Taco Bell! And she’s right! As much as I love both of my kids I don’t want them to live in a state that right now appears that it has no future. And if I had the money to fix up my home I’d sell it & move south. My property taxes along with my school taxes are crazy! In my old home that we had to sell because my husband divorced me was my dream home. It had 1995 sq ft + 1600sq ft in a finished basement. It was on an acre of land in the next town over & my taxes there were half of what mine are! My house is 1100sg ft on 0.18 of land. It’s so sad how things are in this state.
    I can’t vote for Cuomo! So I’m voting for you if you can make marijuana legal for recreational use! I wish I had the money to support you but I just don’t have it. I’m sorry Sir but I will vote for you & I will tell all my friends about you with hopes we have you as our next governor!
    My Best Regards,
    Bonnie J Stewart

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