Tax Income Bounty

I believe in cooperation rather than coercsion.  As such, I will never increase any tax, fine, or fee.—Larry Sharpe

Tax Income Bounty (TIB)

As governor, Larry will ease New Yorkers’ financial burden caused by out of control taxation.  We will unleash the genius of New Yorkers and discover innovative, effective ways to generate government funds VOLUNTARILY.  Additionally, we will PAY New Yorkers for viable fundraising ideas.  These brilliant New Yorkers are called TIB Bounty Hunters.  TIB Bounty Hunters will receive 1% of the tax savings they create.  Let’s look at an example.


$811M to Fix Brooklyn Bridge

Option 1 – Raise Taxes by $811M

Option 2 – Private Sector Voluntarily Contributes $811M

$8.11M TIB Bounty

Bob is a TIB Bounty Hunter chasing after a $8.11M bounty (1% of the $811M tax savings required).  Bob has an interesting idea, what if we lease naming rights to the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge would be called the “Google Bridge”, “Apple Bridge”, “Amazon Bridge”, etc.  Since such companies have nearly a billion dollar marketing budget, they can certainly afford to pay $811M to secure naming rights.  The city still owns the bridge and performs inspections (a condition for naming rights).  Not only is the bridge fixed, but there are NO MORE TOLLS!  If Bob’s idea is approved, then he gets the $8.11M TIB bounty for the bridge.



  • TIB bounty submissions will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • TIB bounty submissions will be made via blockchain for transparency and immutability.
  • TIB bounties will be rewarded for partial fundings of government projects/services.
  • TIB bounties may be paid to whichever person or organization the bounty hunter chooses (eg. the bounty hunter’s trust)


The TIB Policy Was Created by Jerome Bell