Texas Power Outage Disaster: It Was Not the Markets or Green Energy. It Was a Lack of Accountability—Larry Sharpe

Watching papa pre-emptively shoveling snow (a few hours later it looks the same again, but we want to keep it clear in anticipation of freezing rain)

“Cold Weather Grid Collapse Leaves more than 4 Million Without Power Across Multiple States,” says Larry Sharpe, 2018 NY Gubernatorial Candidate, with a proposed solution. Texas has an accountability problem. The technology and capacity for solutions exist, so why is the infrastructure inadequate? Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor and host of […]

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 Energy Firms Hold NY Taxpayers Hostage, Cuomo Pays the Ransom

Energy Firms Hold New York Taxpayers Hostage; Cuomo Pays the Ransom by Dan Smith If energy policy makes your eyes roll back into your head, I get it. And if all the regulations, bans, subsidies, taxes combined with all the different forms of energy leave you confused, I get that, too. It’s likely by design. […]

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