Join a Sharpe Squad

Sharpe Squads are Larry Sharpe’s newest way to drive grassroots fundraising. You can be a part of growing our movement to empower the people of New York by forming a team to fundraise for Larry’s campaign for Governor.

How it works:

  • You build a team of up to five people to fundraise together.
  • You sign up using the form below
  • You and your teammates will be given a unique donation link to track your progress
  • You’ll ask people support Larry Sharpe’s campaign for governor of New York (using your unique donation link)
    • Ask people on Facebook
    • Ask people on Twitter
    • Ask people over the phone
    • Ask people by email
    • Ask people by sending an old fashioned letter
    • As long as it follows our rules and is legal, feel free to get creative
  • Every team member can get Sharpecoin for every donor you bring in:
    • 2 Sharpecoin for a single donation
    • 3 Sharpecoin for everyone who signs up for automatic monthly donations
  • You win prizes and get recognition for your success
  • You fuel a campaign to change politics in the empire state forever

Prizes and Perks:

The Sharpe Squad that gets the highest number of Sharpecoin earned in a month will get special prizes like t-shirts, bumper stickers, campaign swag signed by Larry, event tickets, and more. We’ll announce new prizes at the beginning of each month! February Prize: “Free Mainstreet” t-shirts We’ll also give a shout-out on our Facebook page, website, and email (if you want) to the Sharpe Squad that come in 2nd place and the Sharpe Squad that raises the most money. But no matter how you do, you’ll still get two things:
  1. Everyone who signs up for a Sharpe Squad will be given exclusive updates about the campaign from Larry.
  2. You’ll be part of a grassroots movement to change politics in New York (and beyond!) forever. We aim to disrupt the two-party system and you’ll help us get the fuel to make it happen.
Bonus prize: Any team who gets more than 100 Sharpecoin in a month will get a personal phone call from Larry Sharpe (for each teammate).


  • What if I don’t want to use Sharpecoin? Can I still participate? Sure! We’ll keep track of your donations each month and you’ll be eligible to win the top team prizes. However, you won’t be able to exchange the accumulated points for prizes after the month is over.
  • If someone joins Larry’s Legion using my link, is it worth more? Getting someone to join Larry’s Legion (making an automatic monthly donation) is worth 3 Sharpecoin, plus you automatically get 3 Sharpecoin for every month they continue to donate.
  • Can I be on multiple Sharpe Squads? Doesn’t both us any, as long as it’s not a duplicate squad.
  • Do I need other people form a Sharpe Squad? No, you can go it alone if you’d like. Be an individual or be part of a team. Your choice.
  • Can I add new people or change my team? Yes, that’s fine. Just contact us. Max of 5.
  • Can I be assigned to a team? Yes! If you’re interested in being partnering up with other people, let us know in the signup form and we’ll assign you randomly.
  • Do I get more Sharpecoin if someone donates a higher amount? We hope you can encourage everyone to donate as much they’re comfortable with because that helps the campaign. However, Sharpecoin is assigned solely on whether an individual donates in a given month, not on how much they donate or how many times they donate. Your best strategy is to bring in as many people as possible.
  • Will I know who donated? To protect the privacy of our donors, we can’t tell you who donated, what amounts, or any contact information about our donors. We can only tell you how many people donated at your link. If you want to know if someone donated, you’ll have to ask them yourself.
  • Are there any resources to help our Sharpe Squad get started? Once you join, we’ll give you access to a bank of images you can use to encourage people to donate. You can also create your own images, we just ask that you don’t use the campaign logo, claim you speak for the campaign, or imply that Larry Sharpe said something that he didn’t.We’ll also send out emails with tips and ideas about how you can fundraise using upcoming money-bombs or issues.

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