Sharpecoin Sale until February 4th!

Get 2 Sharpecoin for every dollar donated.

Get 3 Sharpecoin for every dollar committed to a monthly recurring donation.

Everyone who participates in the sale is entered to win a Larry Sharpe hoodie!

Sharpecoin – libertarian crypto asset

What is Sharpecoin?

Sharpecoin is a collectible digital asset on the WAVES Blockchain. It is not meant to be an investment or a currency. It’s a reward given to supporters of Larry Sharpe for their hard work and generosity that can be redeemed for perks from the Larry Sharpe team. Being a WAVES asset it can be sent and received although sending does have transaction costs that are paid in the WAVES Cryptocurrency. Please download a WAVES Wallet from in order to be able to receive Sharpecoin.

How can I get Sharpecoin?

First, download a WAVES Wallet from

Once you have your wallet, we’ll be able to send you Sharpecoin at your WAVES Address. Here are the ways you can earn it:

Get a referral code and receive credit for people who make donations at your link
2 Sharpecoin for Single Donations, 3 Sharpecoin for recurring donations

Get a team referral code by starting or joining a Sharpe Squad
2 Sharpecoin for Single Donations, 3 Sharpecoin for recurring donations
Join a Sharpe Squad

Recruit a Volunteer for the Larry Sharpe campaign
15 Sharpcoin per volunteer that fills out the signup form and lists you as the referrer.
(After confirmation from our volunteer director)
Recruit a Volunteer

Receive Sharpecoin as a reward for a donation
1 Sharpecoin gifted to you for every $1 donated
Get SharpeCoin

We may add more things in the future too, so check back here and subscribe to our email list.

What can I do with my Sharpecoin?

Trade it for Larry Sharpe swag like t-shirts, bumper stickers.

Use it to get exclusive tickets to campaign events

Other perks as we add them.

You can also trade Sharpcoin with other people for different collectible digital assets. They’re yours to use as you please!

Use Sharpecoin