For struggling New Yorkers to reach their full potential, New York state must immediately take action to eliminate poverty traps.—Larry Sharpe

If the state continues to penalize people for earning more money they will be afraid to earn more money. As a result, poverty holds them hostage and dependency on welfare is perpetuated.

In addition to implementing the Graduated Income Boost (GIB), here are steps that can be taken to eliminate poverty traps:

  • Raise the cap that restricts how much welfare recipients can have in their bank account before losing benefits.
  • Create an insurance product to help people gradually depend less on welfare as they increase their income.
  • Remove restrictions on non-profits that help the poor.
  • Decriminalize homelessness.

If local, municipal laws make this process more difficult or harder, then a spotlight will be shone brought on the issue and Larry will apply pressure to fix the problem.

Affordable Housing

In some areas, housing is much too expensive. This is often the result of inept municipal government. This is incredibly true in New York City where the primary fault lies with expensive housing which is generally controlled by local community boards. Unelected officials who have been appointed at the whim of leadership face little accountability for failing their constituents. As governor, Larry will pressure New York City to convert these positions into elected offices so the individuals serving in these roles will be held accountable for their shortcomings. Additionally, Larry will create awareness regarding the local policies, generated by community boards, that ultimately led to significant increases in housing prices.