Paid Petitioner Update

To those of you who helped the campaign to produce tens of thousands of valid signatures between April 19 and May 31, 2022, thank you. To our knowledge, most of you have been compensated for your time by our various vendors. If you have received payments directly from them, but are still owed money, then you need to contact them directly and not us. Your agreement is with those contractors directly and not us.

If you have received checks directly from either the Libertarian Party of New York, or Larry Sharpe for Governor and are expecting further payments, we will try to make you whole to the best of our ability, and according to a timeline that is reasonable and achievable. The deadline of Friday June 17, 2022 has passed. No new timesheets received after this time will be accepted by us. Please refer back to this page for updates. If you have specific questions, you may email [email protected] and our very small volunteer team will do our best to respond to your messages.

As of June 23, 2022 we expect to have paid out about 25% of the requested funds. We expect to pay out about another 25% by the first week of July, and we’re doing our best to do so in the fairest way possible. The remaining 50% may take another 60 days to complete.

Due to inaccurate reporting to us of the amount of debt owed to paid petitioners, and other reasons outlined in the below video, we simply do not have the funds to pay everyone immediately. We depend on donors to fund this ongoing and important effort. This will happen, but fundraising can be a sporadic process. If you would like to help the petitioners get paid faster, the best thing you can do is make a donation at the below link. Until everyone is made whole per the terms described on this page, 100% of the funds that come in through this link during the month of June 2022 will be used to pay petitioners who are rightfully owed money.

The video below will answer most of your questions. Please watch it to understand what happened, and for next steps:

June 20, 2022 Update

Although we did not sign any agreements with any individual petitioning contractors, we want to help you in the most reasonable and achievable way possible. If you submitted your timesheets before June 6, 2022, you are likely in the first group of petitioners on our list who will receive payments.

If you submitted your unpaid timesheets after June 6, 2022 and before the deadline of Friday June 17, 2022, you will most likely be in the second group of petitioners expected to receive payments. We will make considerations across the two groups based on how old the timesheets are, whether you have treated us professionally in our communications, and other factors at our discretion.

We may issue multiple checks to cover multiple pay periods. Our goal is to make weekly payments, in order to make all legitimate workers whole, hopefully by August 17, 2022. Again, for those of you who are reading this as active members of the Libertarian Party, or those of you who empathize with these petitioners as we do, the best way to help is to make a small donation here.

In addition to the necessity of receiving donor funds over which we have little control, we must review over 5,000 pages of petition sheets submitted to us, in order to make an approximate reconciliation of how much work was performed on which dates, and by whom. While we believe that most petitioners have worked the hours reported on their timesheets, we have already received a number of invalid requests for payment from scammers. We need to sift those out, in order to have the funds to pay those people who deserve payment.