Larry’s Plan for New York

If you could vote to give yourself a raise, would you? New York’s financial situation is out of control, and voting Larry Sharpe for governor is the best way you can do something about it. But let’s not stop there. Larry is passionate about restoring your property rights, reforming the criminal justice system and giving colleges and universities the freedom to teach skills that local employers expect in new hires. Watch the videos below to learn more, and be sure to sign up for updates as we’ll post more content about Larry’s plan to build a better New York on a regular basis.


Educational Reform

Why are so many college graduates unemployed? Reports suggest that colleges are not adequately preparing graduates with the skills they need to enter the workforce. Larry believes that the solution to education will come from the free market. Educational institutions should look to employers to find out what skills are valuable in the workforce, and then build curricula around these competencies.

This will provide a truly useful education that helps graduates find employment. When the government steps in and dictates what curricula should be, it becomes a middleman that does nothing but drive up costs. We need to get the government out of higher education so that schools and employers can partner to create innovative educational solutions.

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Bridging the Gap Between Left & Right

No matter what side of the political aisle you sit on, we all have common goals—to live a fulfilling life, and to help others do the same. As a politically engaged citizen, you have likely tried to align yourself with the party that best represents your values. But both of these main parties have been abandoning their principles, leaving voters feeling frustrated and trapped into simply voting for their tribe—or at least voting against the other party.

The Libertarian Party is different. Our values have remained consistent throughout history. We stand for marriage equality, property rights, minimal taxation, and reduced regulations and barriers for small businesses. We value personal freedom and personal responsibility. The Old Parties don’t represent your values anymore. This election, you have the opportunity to vote your principles, instead of just your party.

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Economic Solutions

Over the last two years, property taxes have increased by 2% each year, which Governor Cuomo considers a success. According to, in 2016, the average New Yorker’s tax burden was $20,500 (up from about $13,700 in 2009).

This means that New York has one of the least healthy financial situations in the nation, ranking 43rd out of the 50 states and receiving an “F” grade. Larry’s economic plan will reign in the recent tax growth trend, helping you keep more of your money to take care of your family.

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Property Rights

Who owns your property—you or the state? New York’s high property tax is like paying rent on the land you own. And under Governor Cuomo, property taxes have risen at the rate of 2% per year. Larry’s plan to reduce property taxes will provide financial relief to homeowners, farmers, and other property owners across New York State.

Larry also believes that no one, not even the government, should be able to take your home or farm without your consent; eminent domain is an unjust practice that undermines the property rights of New Yorkers. As governor, Larry will oppose the use of eminent domain and work toward his goal of minimal taxation.

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Agricultural Reform

Almost a quarter of New York State is farmland. Our 36,000 farms make New York a national leader in the production of dairy products, apples, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables.

But this crucial segment of the state’s economy is suffering from a heavy tax burden—in 2012, farmers paid 17% of their income to the state. Our farms and farmers need tax reform.

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Ethics & Transparency in Government

As Americans, we expect our government to be “of the people, by the people.” But in reality, most government decisions are made behind closed doors, without any accountability to citizens. Crony capitalism ensures that insiders become wealthy on the backs of New York taxpayers, and government waste goes unchecked.

It’s time to end the era of government secrecy and let New Yorkers see how the state is spending their money. Larry believes that transparency and accountability in government will reduce waste and curb corruption.

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