How do Andrew Cuomo, Marc Molinaro, and Larry Sharpe compare on the issues?

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See a video debate between Larry Sharpe, Andrew Cuomo, and Marc Molinaro

See some of the candidates most asked about positions compared side by side:

Andrew Cuomo Marc Molinaro

Larry Sharpe


*NOT* a Career Politician Part of a political dynasty Has been a politician his entire adult life Marine Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Educator
Hasn’t Accepted Corrupt Pay to Play Money Many of Cuomo’s closest associates are going to jail over this Read about it here Has never accepted corrupt pay to play money
Better environment for small businesses Businesses are fleeing New York despite the subsidies Well meaning but flawed plan. Solid plan to keep businesses in NY and bring new ones in
Marijuana Legalization May lean towards legalization with high regulation and control. Against Legalization Very little regulation for cannabis and hemp products.
“Regulate it like Onions”
Criminal Justice Reform Sometimes when it’s a political necessity No Position on website Work with corrections officers and families to rehabilitate criminals. Bail reform offering other options in lieu of cash bail.    
Education Reform Spend more for less effective schools No Position on website Expand student paths and save money with K-10 Plan
Pro 2nd Amendment Take away 2nd Amendment rights without making NY safer Running mate advocates for stricter gun control Plan to pardon victims of the SAFE Act and repeal it
Lower Taxes Taxes still rising in New York Says he wants to lower taxes. But his county has some of the highest taxes in the state. No Income Tax & empower counties
Remove Unfunded Mandates Greater state control of local governments Probably knows how bad unfunded mandates are for counties Remove unfunded mandates and give counties more autonomy
Advocate for Family Court Reform No No Position on website Strong Advocate for family court reform, including father’s rights.
Plan to fund the MTA without raising taxes Plans to blame other people for the failure of the MTA Well meaning but unsustainable short term plan Innovative plan to fund the MTA by making better use of under-utilized infrastructure and other non-tax revenue raisers
Infrastructure Plan Spend more tax money on it Complains about Cuomo not spending enough on infrastructure Plan to fund infrastructure and lower costs with lease and naming rights plan
Lower Healthcare Costs Greater government control and intervention in the healthcare industry Shuffle medicaid spending to the state government Focus on healthcare transparency, not insurance reform

Read Larry Sharpe’s full policy plan here

League of Women Voters Debate

Debate between Larry Sharpe, Andrew Cuomo, and Marc Molinaro