5 thoughts on “(English) Gravis Poll shows Sharpe is a serious candidate to take on Cuomo

  1. I dont want to vote for any of you people, but YOU Mr Sharpe, is the lesser of all the evils that are running. If Adolf Cuomo wins this next (3rd term) election, my wife an i are moving out of NYS, for good, we will never return either. This state has been turned into a $hithole for way to long. The ONLY way to fix upstate new york is to cut everything away from albany, eastward. NYC is a drag on this state… run by libtards & retards. Thanks for your time.

  2. I’m not from your state. However I have been following your YouTube videos online (along with Thomas Sowell from the Hoover Institution) and am very impressed with your innovative ideas to fix state government across the board. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a politican be thorough, honest, and transparent about what needs fixing, why it needs to be fixed, and how to go about fixing it. I hope you will continue to fight the good fight. Your voice is being heard not only in NY state but in other states as well. My husband and I will be leaving our state in a couple years after he retires. It’s sad. We will be leaving our adult son (who is are only family) because we can’t afford to live on a pension here. The problems have not gone away. They’ve been exacerbated this election cycle. Nothing has changed. We went from a Republican governor to a Democrat. Both have spent millions on their recent campaigns for office. They’ve probably set a new record. And their solution is the same. More taxation. More boards and commissions. More laws.

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