3 thoughts on “(English) The Subways Have Gone to Hell

  1. Great article. I just wish it was on more platforms. Larry Sharpe seems like a great candidate but I can’t imagine a more uphill battle for a governors race. Too many unaware voters. There are millions of voters who vote D just because they’ve been told to do it for years. Articles like this can do a ton of good in general. I just have no hope for NY.

    • Hi Keith! Don’t give up on New York just yet! Did you know that in 2014, over over 70% of the eligible voters did NOT vote? Will help get the word out about Larry Sharpe? Anything you can do to direct people to this website, to share these blog posts on social media, to follow any of the social media sites (Larry Sharpe for New York on FB, @LarrySharpe on Twitter, or Larry.Sharpe on Instagram) is incredibly helpful. Share content. Watch for events and bring friends and family to as many as you can. Share videos. Help reach as many of those 9 million people as possible. Every amount of effort you’re willing/able to spend will help. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Wow… this must be what an Acid-flashback is like.
    “Cuomo” could be Mario, as the narrative hasn’t changed.

    The problem is patronage. Tammany Hall didn’t die, wasn’t dismantled, it evolved into a “legit enterprise”.
    Instead of envelopes of cash and a handgun, you’re now awarded a consultancy, a no-show job, or position on a Commission – and a NYC Carry License.
    Your task? Deliver the goods.

    Can you bring 80 people wearing “DOMINICANS FOR CUOMO” to the next rally? Got any connections in the Nigerian or Vietnamese community? What about those Albanians in the Bronx, the Satmar in Brooklyn?
    Can you deliver the votes, and create the optics?
    We’ve a much-needed, unfilled position for a can-do performer like yourself.

    Oh… as to that position.
    Your knowledge of mass transit?
    Can be limited to getting supporters, shirts, and signs to a given location, 30 minutes prior to Press Conference or campaign appearance – without fail.
    Many try, few succeed.
    Be “our guy” – we won’t forget you.
    I need you to remember, there’s a pot-of-gold at the end of that rainbow.

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