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Up next on live it up it’s Larry Sharpe and today we’re gonna be talking about his race for governor of New York.

Hello, how are you?

Good thanks for having me again

I appreciate your why are you running for governor?

It’s a great question I hear that often obviously but New York State has a lot of the same problems that the entire country does rural versus urban North versus South the the suburban areas in a small town struggling while the cities are the ones that thrive and New York State is perfect sample of that New York state has about 80 million people but we’ve been losing population we’re now fourth behind Florida okay well that’s bad but the city is still growing New York City is still growing people are flocking to the city because they know that’s where the opportunity is but we can’t have that we’ve got to connect the cities with the rest of the state we can’t let New York State you can’t let me go stay be a place where New York City is the only center so we’ve got to connect them and we got to connect them in different ways through education transportation through culture and the problem is centralizing that control in Albany that’s not gonna spur innovation New York State has to become a place where people want to innovate and you can do it we’ve got the colleges for it we’ve got we’ve got Cornell we’ve got Columbia we’ve got RTI we’ve got Syracuse he’s a great universities where we can make this happen and we haven’t because again we won’t release them and let them be them what we have to realize is never has innovation been spurned in any way shape or form been spurred because of control and fertilization right I’m a business guy that’s what I do I train people to be innovative I train people to grow what’s the first thing I do when somebody tells me lying my company’s not growing isn’t doing something I don’t say take more control is it reverse okay right reverse let your leadership let it talk let it breathe let it act let it show you how valuable can be will we have some failures sure but we’ll also have some massive successes and we need that with the change the culture of New York State which right now at its core is a culture of punishment not a culture of justice it’s a culture of control not a culture of innovation don’t do this don’t do that don’t touch the hot schools right yes don’t-don’t-don’t right okay problem pass a law regulation there’s a problem make a change the problem attack I recently we’ve been talking in New York in New York State about the idea of free education right sounds amazing but do we know that free education you have to stay in the state for the same number of years that you’ve gone to college for free correct four four four yes which means are you for that or no of course not you just applied someone to stay in the state why wouldn’t you instead allow allow the colleges to do what they think is right does an RTI or circus University of Cornell know better than the government of course they do allow them do what they think is appropriate instead we bribed them and we’ve just asked people to be corrupt okay because for sure if someone goes to SUNY for four years finds their dream job in Boston or in Philadelphia they’re gonna go they’re just gonna lie they’re gonna keep they’re gonna keep an address there with their father or their cousin or their brother they’re going to lie we’ve just asked people to be corrupt we’ve added corruption to a New York State that’s corrupt enough we don’t have to add that okay now I think that’s an interesting perspective because I feel slightly a little bit different than that but I didn’t look at it from your from your paradigm shift time so I think conversation is good because it does get things brought up to the surface of course because for me I say as a single mom I say okay well that’s not such a bad deal and I want my child to stay near me anyway I don’t want there to be a brain drain but you’re right certain things have to be put in place but I think it’s an overall may be a possibility of a good idea well okay wouldn’t you rather fit a choice okay instead of accepting you know what the answer is bribery enforce right wouldn’t you instead say why don’t I open it up to make New York State a better place so that your daughter or your son wants to stay here well I think they want to stay okay and my point is we’re not even close to that we’re nowhere near people ask little time Larry what you’re saying is very different how are you gonna win it’s a great question and here’s the answer right now there’s only two people running the current governor and me that’s it Wow that’s always running right now now wait a minute the current governor does have a bad disapproval rate at the moment right now right okay so why aren’t Republicans rushing why aren’t they rushing to oppose him want they were asked to do that because they know they can’t win there aren’t enough registered Republicans in the state who show up to vote them they’re going to lose they know that so why are they rushing up because that person is going to be a sacrificial lamb they’re gonna go up pretend to fight and lose and and then Cuomo wins right but instead they come up with some like me right now Democrats Republicans are tribes so they are there’s no real policy there its identity politics I feel more like this or I feel more like that I fear the other one more so I vote for that politics of fear is a bad idea Paul of identity is a bad idea instead look for someone myself I’m a libertarian but probably Terry what does that mean that means I’m gonna have enough of the democratic values which they don’t actually do they talk about okay the idea of freedom the idea of allowing people to be what they want to be sneaking up someone’s bedroom that idea is what I have okay at the same time at the same values that what Republicans are supposed to have which means less government stay in my pocketbook not heavy taxes allowing small business to grow I have both of those so someone could actually vote for me and get most of what they want versus voting for the other and getting nothing or voting for the same or thing and nothing changing independent thinker that is correct it’s pulling together the best of what it is for New Yorkers 100% not just that look people talk about the first hundred days as governor there’s no way I’m gonna walk in the door and change everything that’s a bad idea again I’m the business guy so I do for a living right I don’t walk into someone’s business a fire everybody change everything all that does is create fear and worry and everything fails it encourages rebellion that what I want it has to be a conversation a bully pulpit talking about we just did right now having the conversation that will make let’s let us say oh wait a minute make sense we have to change that having the people say wait a minute it’s not just a left and right paradigm there’s something in between we have to change that that is how you can actually get both sides to actually do something that changes doesn’t just maintain corny capitalism doesn’t just maintain corruption we can actually make a change with a new person in Albany what I like about you too Larry is that you are already thinking about solutions to problems that you see so you’re running on a platform of solutions more than anything else absolutely so I do wish you the best and I thank you for bringing it here to us I know you just recently announced it on your birthday absolutely I’m running for God when interesting go to Larry sharp calm if they want to donate if they want to pledge if they want to volunteer I’m taking volunteers and happy that people help throughout the state excellent and the thing that I love best about America is that it is a land of the free and so congratulations on deciding to run and I wish you all the best – thank you stay tuned for more on live it up and if you’re in a community where you decide that you think a solution might be for you to run for public office please do you know embrace that opportunity because it is your right thanks for joining us on live it up you

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