A Real Deal for Our Environment

We CAN be stewards of our environment AND improve our economy.—Larry Sharpe

A healthy environment means healthy New Yorkers. We can protect our environment by:

• Demanding corporations are held accountable for environmental crimes

• Removing New York state’s liability caps for individuals and corporations proven responsible for environmental disasters

• Requiring penalty payments allocated to victims directly impacted by pollution, environmental degradation, and cleanup

We can improve our environment and our economy by:

• Adopting modern solutions to disaster cleanups, including bio-remediation and a reduction in our dependence on lengthy and antiquated federal “Superfund” hearings

• Making it easier to deploy and use renewable energy, including innovative technologies available for renewable resource use

• Removing restrictions on the hemp industry and encouraging the production of hemp-based bio-plastics -helping to fill a long-term environmental and economic need

We can take a huge step forward toward sustainability and economic growth with Larry Sharpe’s plan for Clean Energy, Clean Water, and improved local Food production:

Energy – Clean, Cheap, and Innovative

Larry Sharpe’s Clean Energy proposal brings New York State closer to energy self-reliance by:

• Building new Gen 4 Nuclear power plants to create new clean energy sources and new jobs

• Building hybrid Nuclear & Nitrogen producing plants using waste heat from nuclear power production and agricultural waste digestion to create nitrogen fertilizer at low-cost for New York farmers

Water -Clean, Protected, and Plentiful

Larry Sharpe’s Clean Water proposal ensures our water resources are protected, useful, and unspoiled through:

• Desalination – Building desalination plants to create fresh clean water for NYC and other municipalities. This reduces dependence on Upstate reservoirs for NYC water usage.

• Better, and More Sustainable Waste Removal – Use wastewater to create methane, which can then be used to produce Nitrogen for New York Farmers.

• Preservation -By making corporations truly accountable for environmental crimes that pollute New York’s water resources.

Food – Lower Input Costs for Farmers

Farmers are being crushed by the heavy regulations the state and federal government have placed on food and other agricultural products. Even farmer’s markets are regulated and restricted -for example, the document New York uses to guide the regulation of apples is more than twenty pages long!

Larry Sharpe’s Farmer Freedom proposal reduces input costs for New York farmers by:

• Exempting farm-to-table and small businesses from nearly every federal and state agricultural food law

• Creating cheap fertilizer using waste heat from electricity production and methane digestion to synthesize Nitrogen fertilizer for crop growers

• Lowering fuel costs by lowering the overall cost of energy

By lowering input costs and obstacles for farmers and producers, producing clean and cheap energy, and protecting and sustaining our water resources, we can improve our environment, our economy, and our quality of life.