Making Blockchain Infrastructure

Image of a blockchain coin with blurry background.

“You know, it occurs to me that the best way to hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people.” – Billy Ray Valentine Blockchain technology has upended traditional finance. To outsiders, take your pick of cryptocurrency and it appears you are doing nothing more than pulling the handle on a slot machine. The […]

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 Stand Up NY Shutdown Lawsuit vs. Cuomo is No Laughing Matter

Stand Up NY Venue

James Mermigis, the ‘Anti-Shutdown Lawyer’ files suit on behalf of Stand Up NY Comedy Club to operate under the same guidelines as restaurants and bars. Comedy club owner Dani Zoldan filed suit against the Cuomo Administration for unfair treatment. With help from Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor and host of The […]

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 How to Decrease Poverty in America

The minimum wage was initiated to challenge poverty. Yet, even at $15 per hour, is it more than just a temporary fix? I sat with Larry Sharpe to learn more about his method for decreasing poverty in America: ownership. Small Business Ownership Larry said that there is a systemic lack of ownership that’s noticeable in […]

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 Occupational Licensing and How It’s Killing Our Economy

New York Licensure Laws – Time to Revisit and Replace How New York can review our costly licensure laws and enact smart alternatives in order to drive down costs, improve access to service and open up real job opportunities for New Yorkers By: Dan Smith More and more, you need permission from the government to […]

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 Small Businesses Need Small Government: Lessening Tax and Regulatory Burdens

People often support high taxes and extensive regulations intended to make the market “fair” for small businesses to be able to compete with mega corporations. But what is often ignored is that those high taxes and extensive regulations make very little difference to giant companies, but they are always a strain on small businesses. Huge […]

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 The Mismanagement of Industrial Development Agencies in NY

There are over 100 Industrial Development Agencies (IDA) in New York state. Their main purpose is to promote and assist with constructing or maintaining certain business facilities. Because of that assistance, IDAs supposedly help advance job opportunities throughout the state. They aim to make it easier for businesses to prosper and intend to create an […]

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